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Ticked Off Sea Lion Attacks California Fisherman With Camera [VIDEO]

Next time anyone says sea lions look “just like dogs,” show them this video.

In this video, an angry sea lion makes its unhappiness immediately apparent to a very startled cameraman.

This incident happened while spearfishing for Yellowtail off the California coast.

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Yowza, that’s a hell of a rude way to say “Hello.”

Sea lions usually only attack when they feel cornered or threatened, but as people creep further into their habitats, recently there are more and more reports of sea lions acting aggressively. They’re not only inquisitive and don’t fear people, they can be very territorial, especially during mating season, which for them is between May and August every year.

If encountered in the wild, they’re best observed from a distance. If you do happen to find yourself face to face with one in the open water, apparently, make sure you keep your camera between you.

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Ticked Off Sea Lion Attacks California Fisherman With Camera [VIDEO]