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ScoutLook Weather DeerLog is Now Free

If you hunt, you need the ScoutLook Weather DeerLog app.

The ScoutLook Weather DeerLog app is one of the most useful apps available for hunters. This app brings many different features into one, easy to use interface.

ScoutLook gives you weather info, saves stand and sighting information, and allows you to track all this information as well as share it with hunting partners.

Simple things, like more drop down menus than entry forms, allowing for minimal typing (while your in a stand or blind, this is valuable), make ScoutLook an intuitive and thoughtful tool.

Just think about all the advantages that come with a running log, or journal, in mobile device form.

ScoutLook Weather DeerLog just recently became free to download for both Android and iOS, so why not at least give it a shot? There’s still a paid version that provides more in-depth weather info, but the free version is a great introduction, and a decent way to find out if it’s going to be easy for you to use, and useful in your hunting.

Even if you don’t like it for hunting reasons, it can still be very useful for the weather component.

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ScoutLook Weather DeerLog is Now Free