Scouting Public Land for Turkey Hunting Success

Scouting public land well will give you the edge for turkey hunting this season, so learn a few tips from the pros.

Cabela's and Spring Thunder demonstrate how to leverage online maps and then put boots on the ground to scout the best public land areas to bag your bird.

It is all about taking the time to study maps of your targeted public land areas. Look for what kind of habitat turkey thrive in, from water sources, roosting locations of timber, and good areas of ground cover for nesting hens.

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Once you map out a few likely areas based on these three needs then it is time to hit the ground and verify there is good turkey sign. Once you have some good locations marked out on your maps, you are in business.

With the scouting work done you now have an advantage and will be able to hit the ground earlier and beat any competition who have not been as thorough as you in scouting beforehand.

Put in the work and you will be ahead of the game this season and don't forget for all your turkey hunting needs and optics for that scout see Cabela's.