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Scottish Deer Management: An Incredible Hunt [Video]

Watch this video about Scottish deer management with a truly scenic background.

There are many countries that I would like to go and visit. One of them would be Scotland. There are many great videos showing the beauty of this country, but I really enjoy the thought and time put into this next one.

This one is brought to us by The Big RD. He shows us what it is like for the Scottish when it comes to deer management.

Warning: This video is a little graphic and is recommended for mature audiences.  

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This really hit home for me because most of the hunting that I do is spot and stalk. It is interesting to note that those who hunt these red deer in Scotland are known as stalkers.

You can tell after watching the video how much time that this man truly spends on the mountain to know the herd that is on his hill as he calls it. He says by doing so that you will know which animals are actually ready to be taken and also whether or not you should pass on hunting them. It truly is about how much life a place can sustain and keep healthy.

I don’t know about you, but I think that this would be a dream hunt to be on. Hunting with a man like this and in such beautiful country…

Share with us some of your favorite places to hunt in the comments section so that we can pass the time until our next time in the field.

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Scottish Deer Management: An Incredible Hunt [Video]