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Scottish Angler Catches Monster Salmon

A Scottish angler has caught the largest fly-caught salmon in Scotland in 75 years and possibly in the entire history of the country.

Shamus Jennings caught the monster on the Scottish Borders section of the River Tweed, Southeast of Edinburgh.

The salmon measured 50-inches long with a 33-inch girth and weighed approximately 50 pounds.

“This is simply incredible,” said Jennings.

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Jennings said that he had spent almost 40 years trying to catch a 25-pound salmon, which he coincidentally caught the day before his 50-pound catch.

He reportedly caught the salmon using a fly known as the Boleside Shrimp while fishing from a boat. The monster salmon took 45 minutes to reel in.

“It took us four attempts to get it in to the net which was pretty tough on the nerves,” said Jennings.

Jennings is now a contender for Scotland’s top salmon angling prize, the Savills Malloch trophy.

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Scottish Angler Catches Monster Salmon