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How to Score a Turkey in Under 2 Minutes

Turkey season is right around the corner. Awe your hunting buddies this season with your ability to score a turkey.

So you thought the scoring stopped at the end of deer season? Think again. Opening day is quickly approaching and learning how to score a turkey will impress your hunting buddies.

James Brion of Real Avid walks us through the three components of scoring a turkey. Best of all, he's able to get it done with the Score Tote in under two minutes!

Enlarge your screen and get ready to learn how to score a turkey.

Many hunters aren't familiar with the proper scoring techniques described in this video. Whether you're an avid turkey hunter, or just getting started, this video is a great refresher course.

James uses Real Avid's nifty Score Tote to complete his scoring. The device weighs in at just 3 ounces and utilizes a digital scale and internal measuring tape for easy usability.

Your turkey IQ just increased a notch. When you harvest that gobbler this season, you'll have more than a story to share.


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How to Score a Turkey in Under 2 Minutes