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Is Scoot and Shoot Turkey Hunting Safe? [VIDEO]

Scoot and shoot turkey hunting can get you closer to your game bird, but is it worth it?

Turkey hunting is like any other game hunting these days: the innovations and new techniques are increasing fast, sometimes quicker than regulations can keep up.

But the scoot and shoot technique, actually revived from a much older hunting strategy, is bringing safety into question. Watch this video from MOJO TV and ask yourself, Would I do this?

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Scoot and shoot hunting, or “flagging,” is becoming more popular by the season, but articles like this one from the Missoulan are analyzing its safety, especially if used outside of private property.

It adopts a Native American practice of mimicking the appearance of a game animal while in pursuit, employed in America’s early history for bison hunting. But when combined with today’s high-powered weaponry and lifelike decoy technology, the chances of being mistaken for a game animal by another hunter has increased considerably.

The video above shows hunters getting extremely close to turkeys, some even able to nearly grab them with their hands. But it also depicts plenty of running shots taken after the hunter spooked the bird, which is less than ideal.

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The private land-only argument for scoot and shoot hunting may not hold enough weight either, as just about any landowner will attest to the trespassing and poaching issues.

Whether this style of hunting becomes something local and federal rule makers feel is necessary to involve themselves in remains to be seen.

Though the Missoulan article included various perspectives on the practice of scoot and shoot, we’ll leave you with one poignant one from National Wild Turkey Federation assistant vice president and wildlife biologist Ton Hughes, who said “I can’t really think of a better way to assure that someone’s going to get shot while turkey hunting.”

What’s your opinion? Is scoot and shoot hunting safe enough to trust? Or should there be regulations attached to it?

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Is Scoot and Shoot Turkey Hunting Safe? [VIDEO]