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Scolding a Bear Actually Works [VIDEO]

This black bear may appear threatening, but it's quick to respect the space of a man after he tells it to go away.

Some people are blessed with being animal whisperers, but the New Jersey man in this video has a somewhat different, but just as valuable, gift: the ability to tell animals to shove off.

At this man's demand, this bear seems almost embarrassed and apologetic as it sulks back to from where it came.

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Experts are a little split on how precisely to deal with approaching black bears, but this guy's strategy isn't too far from the mark. A common recommendation is to stand your ground and speak in a calm tone, keeping your eye on the black bear. In most cases, it will flee. Pepper spray or even a firearm are a good backup in case things go south, though.

This exact technique of passively telling a bear to go away won't always work, but imagine if it did. No more time spent scouring campsites for every bit of trash or tediously stringing up bear bags. Simply a stern warning from your tent would send black bears scurrying back into the woods like children up past their bedtime. One can dream.

Until that day though, always rehearse the best practices before heading into bear country. Not all of them may be as immediately compliant as the bear in this video.

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Scolding a Bear Actually Works [VIDEO]