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School’s out! Check out These Kids Fishing Programs [PICS]

Got the summer blues already? Check out two excellent kids fishing programs for special needs children and urban youth.

Summer is here! Moms and dads, are you already pulling out your hair? Are the kids glued to the TV, Facebook, smartphone, or the latest gaming system? Why not share something special with your children this summer by joining them in learning a lifelong skill while making friends in the great outdoors?

Check out these two outstanding kids fishing programs.

A Perfect Program for Special Needs Kids: C.A.S.T. for Kids Fishing Program!

Catch a Special Thrill (C.A.S.T) for Kids, was created to provide an adaptive environment for special needs kids through age 18. They benefit from a memorable experience on the water. The fishing programs are scheduled throughout the U.S. at local lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

My Outdoor Buddy

Each child receives his or her own fishing equipment, including a fishing rod & reel, t-shirt, hat, and tackle box. The kids then partner with experienced volunteer anglers, who spend the day sharing proper fishing techniques.

They also educate the children on water safety and preserving our natural resources. After a day of fishing, kids join their new friends in a BBQ luncheon, which includes an awards ceremony.

Through the C.A.S.T. for Kids Program, special needs children will:

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Have an opportunity to share in the great outdoors and the fishing experience
  • Be encouraged to continue in the sport through the development of fishing skills
  • Receive education and understanding about local, regional, and natural resources
  • Enhance their awareness and social interaction with other participants, volunteers, and their family members

Find C.A.S.T. events in your area.

Urban Youth Can Have the Fishing Experience of a Lifetime!

Designed 20 years ago, The Fishing Kids Program works to "Get more kids fishing, more often." The program provides fishing experiences for urban youth up to age 14. For a minimal entry fee, each participant receives a Fishing Kids t-shirt and a rod & reel to keep and to use forever!

Children and parents enjoy fishing together while learning from experienced anglers on fishing techniques, water safety, and environmental stewardship.

Portrait of happy grandfather and grandson fishing together

The Fishing Kids Program seeks to:

  • Share a significant, pleasing, and entertaining fishing opportunity with urban youth
  • Encourage fishing as an exciting alternative to the current popular sedentary activities
  • Educate children on topics such as angler ethics, fish identification, and water safety
  • Create skills that lead to a lifelong hobby
  • Build and enhance relationships between parent and child
  • Gives urban children an opportunity to relax, learn, and have fun in a safe environment

Summer is here! Get out on the water!

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School’s out! Check out These Kids Fishing Programs [PICS]