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Watch: School of Leatherjackets Devours an Octopus [VIDEO]

Watch as a school of ocean leatherjackets overtake an octopus in this incredible footage.

Ocean leatherjackets are small, innocuous-looking fish, but they’re actually super aggressive. They have incredibly sharp teeth and voracious appetites.

They often feed on shrimp and other small fish, but sometimes they take on bigger creatures.

In this footage filmed off the coast of Australia, a small school of ocean leatherjackets picks a fight with an octopus. The octopus tries to make an escape, but the leatherjackets over take it and pick it apart, all in just under a minute.

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Ocean leatherjackets are common in ocean waters around Australia.

Fishermen consider them a pest fish because they wreak havoc on other fish populations. Ocean leatherjackets are also a burden to catch, because they tend to chew through line and most types of fishing hooks.

Have you ever caught an ocean leatherjacket

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Watch: School of Leatherjackets Devours an Octopus [VIDEO]