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This is Actually the Inside of a School Bus, Turned into a Cabin

What can an architecture student do with an old school bus? Make it into a rolling school bus cabin of course!

Hank Butitta, a student at the University of Minnesota studying for a masters degree in architecture, wanted to do something quite different with his final project.

This handyman decided to buy an old school bus off Craigslist for a sum of $3,000.

He then turned this old bus into a tiny cabin, documented on The results, as you can see, are incredible.


This rolling cabin has everything you may need and has a nice wood lined interior that erases the bus's schoolchild-hauling past.


There are bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and seating area sections.


Cozy looking, isn't it!


Roadtrip tested? You bet! Hank used his cabin bus in 2013 on a cross country trip of 5,000 miles! He used it to pick up friends and drop them off along the way.


The bus cabin will hold a dozen people at once. This would be the ultimate tailgate party or deer camp rig!


Great job Hank, maybe you can make us a cabin too?


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This is Actually the Inside of a School Bus, Turned into a Cabin