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Scent Kapture: Revolutionizing Scent Elimination Products

These scent elimination products will help get you closer towards your goal of a successful hunt.

I recently had the privilege of getting to know Troy Kloewer, one of the founders of Scent Kapture. His company has developed a full line of exciting new scent elimination products designed for hunters.

Troy and his brothers fostered a strong passion for the outdoors at an early age. Complimentary of their father, who molded their hunting and fishing skills in the field and on the water. He attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he was a two sport athlete, playing both Football and Basketball.

His business background comprises of fifteen years in the professional cosmetology liquids industry where he's been responsible for all aspects of product development, branding, sales and marketing.

In 2012, a casual conversation during a family Christmas dinner lead to the creation of his innovative scent elimination company called Scent Kapture. With the help of Troy's business background, him and his brothers began researching new technology in scent elimination liquids. After extensive research, they formulated a proprietary blend of ingredients that eliminates odors on contact.

After three years of testing and recording feedback from liquids professionals and experienced hunters, they refined their formulas to be one of the best working scent elimination products in the outdoor industry. They have developed a full line of liquids for hunters that encapsulate and eliminate a wide array of odors.

On June 1, 2015, they launched their carefully curated product line. They currently sell four scent elimination products: laundry detergent, hair and body wash, field spray, and after the hunt hand scrubEach liquid is manufactured, bottled and professionally formulated in the US, from scratch with the hunter in mind.

What's unique about Scent Kapture is that their products are formulated with a special encapsulation ingredient, rather than your typical enzyme makeup like many similar products. The encapsulation formula attaches to odor molecules, encapsulates them and works on dissolving them immediately. They also utilize some bacteria ingredients in some of their non-fragrance products to assist with eliminating odor.

Troy believes that a successful hunt starts with the proper preparation of your gear. Here's his suggested techniques for the proper application of his Scent Kapture products:

  1. Treat your washer and dryer with Scent Kapture Field Spray prior to putting your clothes in the washer.
  2. Add your clothes and 1 1/2 to 2 oz of Scent Kapture Laundry Detergent. Post wash/dry we suggest storing your clothing in scent proof bags or containers.  
  3. Shower with the Scent Kapture Hair and Body Wash prior to your hunt .  
  4. Apply the Scent Kapture Field Spray on your boots, clothing and gear that you are going to take with you to the stand. You can also take the SK Field Spray to the stand with you if you are hunting in warm weather and need to reapply due to perspiration.
  5. After you have a successful day in the field we suggest you use the After The Hunt hand wash to take all of the odor and grime off of your hands after skinning and preparing game.  

Troy acknowledges that no scent eliminating product can guarantee that there will be absolutely no odor in the air or around you, but this process and his products will give you a competitive advantage in staying scent free during your hunt.

You can find Scent Kapture products online and in select retail stores in the North Texas region. In fact, they have high expectations to be nationwide before next hunting season! They recently partnered with American Manufacturers Group, and launched with them at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show was a huge success and has kept them busy following up on inquiries from retailers and distributors across the US.

Scent Kapture

Starting their business didn't come without challenges. When Scent Kapture was founded they expected to develop a product and start selling within six months. However, they recognized the importance of aligning all aspects of the business before taking their product to market. They didn't settle for an average-looking logo or a mediocre product formulation. Troy has relied heavily on his experience as a leader, manager and athlete to thoroughly develop the Scent Kapture brand to what it is today. His company's mission is to provide an effective hunting product that will play a small part in getting you closer towards your goal of a successful hunt.

The future for Scent Kapture looks promising. Troy plans on partnering with a major stocking distributor in 2016. His goal is to have his products in 250 retail outlets by years end. Ambitious goals to say the least. But they'll be announcing an exciting retail partnership in the coming weeks that could put them well on the way to achieving their goal.

I asked Troy if he had any advice for fellow outdoor entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the outdoor industry. Here's what he suggests:

  1. Write down your core values. Remind yourself of those daily. Time and money will get in the way of your decision making sometimes. If you stick to your core values it will ensure that your company stays on the right track.
  2. Research the outdoor business. There are many layers of starting a company and getting it to market. Make sure you know all of the major players and understand what steps to take to get your product from your warehouse, through distribution and to the customer at a fair price.
  3. Have fun. If you stop having fun - look for another business. This industry is like any other -- good and bad -- but the way that you choose to approach it is a decision you have to make everyday!

Troy left me with a great take away message and his personal philosophy that propels the Scent Kapture brand: The only thing you can't get or give a refund on is time - so treat your time and others time as such. Show up early, be prepared, and treat EVERY person you meet with respect!


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Scent Kapture: Revolutionizing Scent Elimination Products