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Scent Crusher: Go Above and Beyond Scent Control with Ozone


Scent Crusher is quickly changing how hunters go about their scent control at home and on the go with their ozone-generating gear. 

Every hunter knows that scent control is probably the number one thing we fret about the most. You can have the best camouflage money can buy, but if a deer winds you your finished. Scent Crusher has figured out how to practically eliminate all odors with the power of ozone.

The use of ozone to cover, or actually eliminate, your scent is quickly gaining popularity in the hunting industry. If you don't know what ozone is exactly your not alone. It has been used industrially for years, but is just now making its way to the consumer level.

Ozone 101

Where oxygen is the O2 molecule, ozone is O3. It occurs naturally after a rainstorms. Lightning actually blows apart the oxygen molecules turning them into O3.

Those O3 particles float around and attach themselves to bacteria, destroying them. After 30 minutes or so they then turn back into oxygen molecules once again.

"Ozone is essentially that fresh smell you get after a rainstorm," said Dan Drake, President of Scent Crusher.

The biggest problem manufactures of ozone products have run into is that it can be dangerous at high levels. The Scent Crusher team, with the help of a NASA scientist, found a way to keep these levels well below ETA standards and safe for you with their special product line.


"That is one of the things we have done that no one else has ever done," said Dan proudly. "That is what our passion revolves around is making ozone safe for people and articles[gear].

You may be thinking all this is great, but what is ozone going to do for me?

Bacteria is the literally the center point of all odors. Dan and his team found that by pumping ozone into a container they could eliminate 100% of bacteria from items. No bacteria equals no smell.

"Ozone kills odor causing bacteria in the environment," explained Dan. "And is something the deer are used smelling since it is something that occurs naturally. Your not introducing new chemicals[smells] to the air."

Keeping Your Gear Scent Free is Super Simple

Not only had they found a way to make ozone safe for consumers, they couldn't have made using their products any easier. They were designed to keep you scent free at home, camp, on the go, or even in your car. 

All of their products use special ozone generators to pump ozone into an area to cleanse your gear in 30 minutes or less.


Take the Ozone Gear Bag for example. You simply place whatever items you will be wearing for the day inside the bag. Place the hose that runs from the generator into the bag on top of your items, set the timer for 30 minutes, and let it do its thing.

Since the generators are set up to run with a standard 110v or 12v plug in you can even let it run while you are driving to your stand. When you arrive just unzip the bag and change into your perfectly scent free clothes for the days hunt.

No more washing clothes the night before, placing them in scent free bags, and then spraying yourself down at your hunting spot to ensure you didn't leave some smell unchecked.


The Hunter's Closet works very much the same way, but on a much larger scale. It was designed to hold nearly every hunting item you own from your clothes to your pack and everything in between. Run the generator with the closet zipped up and leave everything inside for a complete scent free storage until needed.

The closet can also run on a 12v so take it with you to deer camp. Then everyone can place their gear inside and stay scent free all trip.


Their Ozone Go is probably one of the best investments you can make. It simply plugs into your car's 12V and blows ozone inside to decontaminate the inside.

I mean think about the odors you probably pick up from eating fast food, having pets ride inside, smoking, your kids, and more. Just like everything else it only takes 30 minutes to make a world of difference.

Not Just for Hunters, but the Whole Family

The best part about these products is while they are extremely useful to hunters they can be used year round.

Anything that can fit inside can be brought back out scent and bacteria free. Throw in your kids stinking sports gear like helmets, cleats, and pads. Stinking workout clothes and sneakers. Your work gloves and boots. Even your dogs stinky toys and so much more.

"This is for your wife, this is for your kids," explained Dan. "It is for hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, and yoga pants. This is you enjoying a cigar in a nice sweater and not having to have it dry cleaned anymore. This is a 365 day a year product."

It is truly one of the few products you may buy for hunting, but its use doesn't end when the season is over. It truly is an investment for your family and their activities.

Pick up one of these amazing new products today. I mean thousands of hunters and some of the biggest names in the industry are using them every hunt for a reason.

For more information on Scent Crusher and their other products, please visit their website. And don't forget to follow them on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter!

All Photos via Scent Crusher.

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Scent Crusher: Go Above and Beyond Scent Control with Ozone