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Scent Crusher is Changing the Game in Ozone Scent Elimination

Torin Miller

Scent Crusher is a relatively new player to the scent elimination game, but they’re already changing the rules with their ozone products.

Ozone has a long history as an odor eliminator, finding uses in industrial and commercial buildings where odors can accumulate. Hunters, in an ongoing attempt to best the noses of their quarry, naturally found another use for ozone.

Scent Crusher has found a way to take full advantage of the odor elimination abilities of ozone to produce a variety of products that benefit hunters.

Last season, I personally used the gear bag and Ozone Go. I absolutely loved both.

Typically, I travelled with my clothes in a large plastic tub. Over time, the tub still acquired a smell, and it was big and bulky. The gear bag eliminates that. It’s a nice-sized duffle that still has plenty of room for all of my gear.

I still changed into my gear at my hunting location, but I would run the Ozone unit for 10-15 minutes on my drive there. My clothes were freshly de-scented when I put them on. If I sweated on a hunt, the gear bag was a much easier option than washing everything I wore.

I would also plug in the ozone go on the way to my hunting location to eliminate any body odors I acquired from the day. It worked quite nicely as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on the hunter’s closet. It, and the entire Scent Crusher line, is available at Cabela’s.

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Scent Crusher is Changing the Game in Ozone Scent Elimination