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Scary Kayak Fishing Trip Produces a Heck of a Shark [VIDEO]

This kayaker will never forget his scary fishing trip.

Robert Field went kayak fishing for sharks in Galveston, Texas and had quite the unplanned adventure.

Field traveled from Corpus Christi to Galveston in search of his next big catch. Before long, he landed a six-foot blacktip shark. He then found out the ocean will take advantage of any mistakes if you lose your focus. Field said, "My whole world got turned upside down in a heartbeat... literally."


Field also said he will turn this encounter into a learning experience and outlined his Golden Rules for kayak fishing beyond the breakers.

  1. Never go out alone. Things can get dangerous in a heartbeat, so always have backup.
  2. If conditions are bad, STAY HOME. The fish aren't going anywhere.
  3. Never lose your focus. The ocean is a powerful, unpredictable force.
  4. Practice deep-water re-entry. You don't want to have to figure it out in a life-threatening situation.
  5. ALWAYS wear your personal floatation device. I would have been in serious trouble without one.
  6. Always carry a VHF radio. Be sure you have a way to contact the coast guard, just in case.

This is sound advice for any novice about to embark on his or her first kayak fishing trip. Follow Field's Golden Rules and you'll be prepared for any unexpected incidents!

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Scary Kayak Fishing Trip Produces a Heck of a Shark [VIDEO]