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Who Says Male Lions Don't Hunt? [VIDEO]

Who Says Male Lions Don't Hunt

There is a long-standing myth that male lions don't hunt and only eat what the lionesses kill. As you can see in this video, that is clearly not the case.

Watching this video should help put the myth that male lions don't hunt themselves to rest for good. Check out how easily the lion took down a blue wildebeest, which is known as one of Africa's toughest animals.

They don't call the lion the king of the jungle for nothing...

On another note, this video might also help explain why some people get so upset about hunting lions. As you can see, all of the animals in the video (which was probably filmed in Tanzania), especially the lions, seem to have lost their fear of humans. Shooting one of those lions would not be sporting (or legal) at all.

However, I can guarantee you that you would never see that type of behavior in a hunting area, where wild animals truly remain wild. But I digress...

In any case, the next time someone tries to tell you that male lions don't hunt, show them this video and help end that myth.

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Who Says Male Lions Don't Hunt? [VIDEO]