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Who Says You Can't Go Hog Hunting in the Rain? [VIDEO]

Who Says You Can't Go Hog Hunting In The Rain

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't go hog hunting in the rain. As you can see, the rain didn't seem to bother these hogs in east Texas too much.

Just because the weather isn't great doesn't mean that you should stay out of the woods. Under certain circumstances, hog hunting in the rain can be a pretty good way to fill your freezer and these hunters managed to bag a couple of nice meat hogs by braving a pretty fierce rain storm.

Check out the video and see for yourself how little concern those hogs had about getting wet. Sorry, there is no sound in this video.

Yes, you'll occasionally see hogs return to a site where they were feeding after a hog from the same sounder was shot there. This is more common when the hogs have no idea that hunters are in the area and if the hog that was killed dropped at the shot.

Like most other big game animals, hogs will still feed when it is raining. As long is the wind isn't very strong, you will likely have some good opportunities to catch them up on their feet during the day by going hog hunting in the rain. This is especially true if the weather has been really bad for several days in a row.

Most hunters avoid hunting in the rain in the interests of comfort, and few hunters will hit the woods when it is raining. For this reason, you probably won't have a lot of competition from other hunters when hunting during a rain storm, which is another good reason to give it a try.

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Who Says You Can't Go Hog Hunting in the Rain? [VIDEO]