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You Say Sinkhole, I Say Fishing Hole! [VIDEO]

Detroit residents make lemonade out of lemons by turning a never-ending sinkhole into a fishing hole for residents. 

This is a must-watch video…a sinkhole complete with blue gill, goldfish, and carp?

Talk about a real cement pond!

A huge sinkhole in Detroit, the result of a utility job left unfinished over three years ago, has residents turning lemons into lemonade. Pete Bolden and a friend decided they’d had enough of this eyesore, so they added blue gill, goldfish, and carp to the “pond.”

While there’s an ongoing investigation into how the damage occurred and where the leak is coming from, nothing really seems to be changing. So residents of Hull Street decided to make things better on their own.

Detroit’s Water and Sewage Department notes that the water will be turned off and the hole will be drained ASAP, however, what happens after that is up to DTE Energy, which is responsible for the hole in the first place.

On a side note, a spokesperson noted that the department has spoken to the gentleman who added fish into the sinkhole requesting that he release the fish or they will have to be removed and relocated.

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You Say Sinkhole, I Say Fishing Hole! [VIDEO]