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Lo Mein or Deer Brain? Chinese Restaurant Caught with Deer Parts

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Eating adventurously can be fun, but only if it’s your choice to do so. Diners at this Chinese restaurant may have been eating, “nose to tail” style on deer without realizing it.

While it’s not yet been confirmed that deer organs were served to unknowing New China House patrons in Lititz, PA, the Chinese restaurant has invited suspicion after various deer parts and parts other unknown animals were found on their premises recently. Penn Live is reporting a rare joint investigation into the restaurant by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania State Department of Agriculture. Of concern to the inspectors when they visited the establishment were the presence of “deer brains, deer heads, skinned and whole tails, legs, muscle meat, spines, necks and other unidentifiable parts both raw and cooked.”

The volume of parts confiscated from the restaurant was both impressive and terrifying. The report indicated that inspectors removed four trash bags, two boxes, three plastic tubs, one five-gallon bucket and nine trash bags of prepared food.

Warning: graphic image. 

General Tso’s Gut Pile anyone?


The owner claims that the parts were not for sale, rather for he and his wife’s consumption. They must’ve been really hungry.

The New China House has a history of health code infractions, but this latest was the most egregious. While the mystery meat was being removed from their kitchen, the business was closed. They have since reopened, though they will be under closer scrutiny by the health department, receiving more frequent visits.

There’s no doubt that venison is a superior meat to most of the product many restaurants serve, but by law it needs to come from a licensed game farm…and the consumer needs to know what animal they’re eating. Expanding your culinary horizons is great, but it can’t be done without your knowledge or consent. No one wants to unknowingly down a possum stir fry by accident.

Probably, the free market will snuff this restaurant out as word spreads about their food. Until then, might I suggest a Z-pack as a chaser if you decide to dine there?

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Lo Mein or Deer Brain? Chinese Restaurant Caught with Deer Parts