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Say What? Anti-Gun Senator is Confused About How Guns Work [VIDEO]

This anti-gun senator will leave you scratching your head after hearing his explanation of how guns work.

Democratic California Senator Kevin de Leon doesn’t quite seem to understand how guns work. Here the anti-gun senator tries to explain the capabilities of what he calls a “ghost” gun. His explanation just doesn’t mesh with reality very well.

See how many of his errors you can catch the first time through. Actually, let’s see how many correct things you hear him say. That will definitely be an easier number to count.

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Senator de Leon is talking about guns because he was introducing a new gun control bill for California. The ignorance that is present in this video really makes you wonder about the people in charge who make our laws, especially those laws that affect our favorite hobbies and ways of life.

The fact that de Leon apparently couldn’t even be bothered to do a little research on the subject of his bill before his speech really speaks volumes.

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Say What? Anti-Gun Senator is Confused About How Guns Work [VIDEO]