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Saving the Sagebrush Sea [VIDEO]

Individuals and organizations are working together to find a balance between economic growth and preservation of our sagebrush habitat.

Sagebrush habitat is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Cascades, an area that is “not as visited as other parts of the country.”

Maybe not by some citizens, but this sounds like an area Wide Open Spaces readers would love to visit.

Watch this short video to see what threats the sagebrush habitat is facing and what people are doing to protect this precious resource.

Whether it’s developers attempting to put a tram into the Grand Canyon or states trying to privatize federal lands, it seems their is always a threat facing our wild places. Sagebrush country is just one of the unique habitats that we stand to lose if we don’t act.

Do your part by signing petitions or contact your state representative about issues that matter to you. You’ll be glad you did when your grandson texts you a picture of the huge muley buck he killed on the ground you helped to protect.

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Saving the Sagebrush Sea [VIDEO]