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Save the Pangolin! [VIDEO]

African Safarico

The pangolin is a an animal found in Asia and Africa nearly poached to extinction. Save the pangolin!

Saturday Feb 21. was the fourth annual World Pangolin Day. If you don’t know what a pangolin is, then you are probably with the majority. The pangolin is an animal that’s meat and scales go for a high price on the black market, making it potentially the most trafficked animal in the world.

It is a small scaled creature that curls up onto itself like a roly poly. It kind of looks like a mix of an armadillo and an anteater.


For this year’s World Pangolin Day, there was a a social media challenge (like the ALS ice bucket challenge) to do 21 crunches to raise money for conservation. People could post themselves doing crunches to #pumpit4pangolins.

Awareness and recognition is always the best way to alert people to illegal wildlife trade. To stop poaching, the first way is to educate people! Now you know what the pangolin is and to save this under-appreciated species, spread the awareness.

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Save the Pangolin! [VIDEO]