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Savage Arms and Swamp People Join Forces [VIDEO]

Savage Arms and Swamp People have teamed up.

Savage Arms has signed on to the Swamp People phenomenon with an exclusive partnership.

Troy Landry and his team of alligator hunters will use Savage Arms firearms in all of their hunts, and also help with marketing and promotional gigs. Watch a Savage gun take care of the monster gator Troy had been after for years in this video from HISTORY.

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“We push ourselves to extremes while hunting every day. I need a gun that I can push to the same extremes and know it will perform in the high-pressure world of gator hunting,” Troy Landry said in the official Savage Arms release. “That’s why I’m happy we’ll have Savage rifles in our hands. My boys and I are excited to join the Savage team.”

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Savage Arms and Swamp People Join Forces [VIDEO]