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Sasquatch and Steelhead: Fishing with Bigfoot [VIDEO]

Now we have seen it all: fishing with Bigfoot has become a lifelong goal.

Cameras never really seem to grab enough legitimate footage of the so-called Sasquatch…until now.

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And it’s not just a quick clip! Feast your eyes on this revealing video, showing Bigfoot taking advantage of his riverside environment.


OK, OK, so it’s clearly fake. Everyone knows Sasquatch would never drink a Hamm’s…

At least there’s a positive movement behind it, as the producers of the video point out towards the end.

Don’t let steelhead become as hard to find as Sasquatch! If you enjoyed this film, please visit Donate, learn more, and find out what can be done to save our steelhead!

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Sasquatch and Steelhead: Fishing with Bigfoot [VIDEO]