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Saskatchewan Man Shoots a Monster Wild Boar on Family Property

© Submitted by Pat Martin

This Saskatchewan man shoots a monster wild boar, and the photo has gone viral.

Pat Martin has been an avid whitetail, moose and elk hunter on his property for a very long time; but once his trail cameras started picking up wild boars roaming around he decided to hunt these invasive animals.

On 27 November, while hunting on his property in St. Brieux Saskatchewan, a giant boar came into sight on its way to eat some hay and Mr. Martin quickly harvested the beast. The huge boar weighed in at an estimated 441 pounds, and the hunter did not know what an animal he had until his photo with the boar went viral via social media.

When interviewed about the hunt Mr. Martin gave a pretty simple response for his interest in pursuing these wild hogs:

Wild pigs are worth hunting because “they’re good eating” and they make for a lot of meat.

He also plans to get the skull mounted for display with much of the meat being turned into sausage.

The avid hunter now plans to do more hunting to harvest wild boars and with recent provincial changes to hunting regulations can look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Wild boars are not native to Saskatchewan and have increasingly been reported by farmers in the south of the province for the damage they inflict to crops and the land. Increased hunting opportunities will better control this burgeoning population of invasive animals.


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Saskatchewan Man Shoots a Monster Wild Boar on Family Property