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Saskatchewan Issuing 200 Permits for Wolf Hunting

ICI Radio Canada

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment has announced that it will allow 200 wolves to be taken by permit in the province.

According to Minister Herb Cox, the wolf hunt will take place from Dec. 15 through March 31 in the new year. The planned wolf cull is part of the Ministry’s plan to protect livestock on farm lands in the region by forcing the wolves back into their native forest areas.

Hunting will only be permitted in Wildlife Management Areas 49 and 53 in the province, which cover, among other areas the municipalities in Hudson Bay, Big River and the community of Shellbrook.

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Only Saskatchewan residents may apply and obtain the legal permit needed. Each hunter gaining such a permit will only be allowed two wolves each.

Though the Ministry says that wolves are a threat to livestock and present a real challenge to ranchers and landowners, not all are convinced that the hunt is needed.

Prince Albert bison rancher Michel Dubé questions the hunt saying that he had not heard of any livestock being attacked in his area.

In a translated statement he said, “It is based on this, the decision to open a hunting season? This is based on studies by biologists or it’s really complaints from some breeders?”

For now, the hunt will go on. It is not known at this time how many permits have been acquired by residents.


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Saskatchewan Issuing 200 Permits for Wolf Hunting