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The Story of the SAS Sniper Who Took Out 3 ISIS Terrorists with One Shot

image via wikicommons

Now, this has to be a one in a million shot.

The Special Air Service or SAS is a British special forces unit of the British Army. Getting its start in World War II, the corps has received many battle honors and seen plenty of action since. They also apparently have at least one kickass sniper, as reported by The Daily Star.

In Northern Iraq, troops had been watching some Islamic State-controlled areas. Located around the city of Mosul the group was watching a machine gun's nest in the process of following the movements of senior ISIS members. The machine gun was manned by three men and was stationed in a village full of women and children. Some of the people trapped in the village attempted to escape. Upon reaching the terrorists, the civilians were ordered to stop. They refused. The men proceeded to point the machine gun at the women and children, which was the last mistake they ever made.

The SAS team determined that they had no choice but to intervene. Knowing that they would have to reveal their position to save the civilians, it was a calculated risk. The sniper was armed with an L115A chambered with .338 Lapua magnum rounds. That did the trick.

Image via Youtube

The bullet hit the first terrorist in the head, killing him instantly. The round proceeded to hit the second terrorist in the chest. The round then passed through him and ricocheted off a wall in the direction of the guy holding the gun, hitting him in the neck. The first two were killed instantly; the third gunman lasted half a minute.

The sniper and SAS team have remained unidentified and were later extracted. Before extraction, they did confirm the three ISIS members were dead. They also gathered fingerprints and photos.

Someone give this guy a medal or three.

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The Story of the SAS Sniper Who Took Out 3 ISIS Terrorists with One Shot