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SAS Sniper Makes Epic 1,000-Yard Shot to Save a Father and Son from an ISIS Executioner in Syria

SAS Sniper Saves Father And Son From ISIS Executioner By Making An Epic 1,000 Yard Shot

A British SAS sniper operating near the border between Syria and Turkey recently saved a father and son from execution by ISIS by making an epic 1,000-yard shot.

A father and his young son, along with countless others in the village, were recently saved from certain death at the hands of ISIS executioners by a series of timely shots from a British SAS sniper near the border between Syria and Turkey.

The ISIS death squad had decided to kill the young boy and his father because they were Shia Muslims, and therefore infidels in the eyes of the predominantly Sunni Muslim terrorist organization. However, an SAS sniper team was observing events unfold in the village from a hidden vantage point.

They considered calling in an air strike to prevent the executions, but decided against it in order to prevent civilian casualties. Instead, the SAS sniper stopped the execution cold with a few well-placed sniper shots from over 1,000 yards away.

Presumably using an Accuracy International AW50 .50 caliber sniper rifle, the SAS sniper shot the leader of the ISIS group. While his comrades stood there stunned at the sudden death of their leader, the SAS sniper calmly shot and killed the other two ISIS terrorists.

After the death of the ISIS death squad, the father and son took off running and were last spotted fleeing towards the Turkish border.

According to a member of the SAS:

It was a good day’s work.

It was later reported that the villagers held a party and celebrated the deaths of the ISIS death squad and that further ISIS fighters have refused to enter the village out of fear for their lives.

Members of the SAS have been fighting ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq for over a year. During that time, they have killed countless ISIS fighters and have developed a fearsome reputation.

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SAS Sniper Makes Epic 1,000-Yard Shot to Save a Father and Son from an ISIS Executioner in Syria