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Silencers Make Santa Even More Jolly


How does Santa Claus relieve stress when he's not making his list and checking it twice?

After the Chinese invented gunpowder in the ninth century, it seems firing off a few rounds has done the trick.

Of course, the satisfying "booms" have come with a price to his hearing--until the invention of the silencer.

In the following video, Santa shares his love of shooting and silencers.

Um, I should caution that there is quite a bit of swearing in the video (Rudolph is particularly foul-mouthed), but it is censored... and hilarious.

That's some funny stuff (I won't use the word Rudolph would) right there from SilencerCo.

However, the video does make some good points when it comes to enjoying the use of firearms for recreation and the use of silencers.

First, suppressors help reduce hearing loss. Second, they help reduce noise for the comfort of others in the area where firearms are being used for target practice or hunting.

Finally, it would be a good thing if it were easier for gun owners to obtain suppressors. Right now, suppressors have to be registered, are subject to a hefty tax stamp and the process takes months.

But, for all of its legitimate points, this video is just funny as hell. Oops, sorry. That slipped out. I think I've watched it a few too many times.

And I think this video is destined to become a holiday classic.

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Silencers Make Santa Even More Jolly