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Santa Gets Attacked by His Own Reindeer

santa gets attacked by reindeer

'Tis the season... for watching a video of Santa Claus attacked by his own reindeer.

This video of Jim Emery, aka "Santa Claus," depicts the run in Old Saint Nick had with one of his reindeer, Caspar. Mating season in domesticated reindeer is not unlike the rut of the wild whitetail or mule deer, and of course, instinctive nature can introduce some dangerous situations when man meets beast. Despite an apparently good relationship between Emery and Caspar, one interaction turned out to be the opposite.

Nothing like a poorly produced reenactment, right? Please excuse the cheesy 'Spike TV' narration and the grainy video, and instead focus on the real question here: Just how big is Caspar's rack?

Have you ever had an encounter with a deer, whether it was domesticated or wild? Did you fear for your life, like Santa Claus, er, Emery appeared to?

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Santa Gets Attacked by His Own Reindeer