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Santa Barbara Fishing Good Despite Refugio Beach Oil Spill [VIDEO]

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Santa Barbara County waterfront fishing remains strong despite the Refugio Beach oil spill.

The Refugio Beach oil spill has forced closures on much of California’s coast, but so far it hasn’t negatively affected fishing.

Check out this news clip which features interviews with local fisherman regarding the Refugio Beach oil spill.

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Some anglers have had to relocate, but others fishing on the back side of the Channel Islands claim the Refugio Beach oil spill is not impacting their catches.

Chris Voss, President of Santa Barbara Commercial Fishing Association, told reporters,”The fish that’s coming into Santa Barbara is completely and utterly fine to eat. The current closed area is very large and more than adequate to protect the public from any effects the oil spill may be having on the fish stocks.”

Any fish taken from the area are being tested several times before reaching restaurants — no issues have been reported as of yet.

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Santa Barbara Fishing Good Despite Refugio Beach Oil Spill [VIDEO]