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San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop to Close [VIDEO]

Highbridge Arms will be closing its doors at the end of October.

The last gun shop that has survived in the San Francisco city limits will be no more. It will be closing its doors at the end of October.

Highbridge Arms was opened by Olympic shooter and famous gunsmith Bob Chow in the 1950s. Fights with city zoning commissions and gun control groups had failed to shut down this historic landmark, until now.


San Francisco proposed a new ordinance that finally ended the gun shop’s lifespan. All city gun shops would have to video record all gun and ammunition sales, and keep copies for at least a year. This information would be given to the police department.

This video report helps explain the situation further.

Highbridge Arms Facebook page stated:

Dear friends and family, it’s with tremendous sadness and regret that I have to announce we are closing our shop. For many reasons I cannot get into at this moment, it appears our final days will be through to the end of October of 2015. We will clearance out what ever inventory we have in the shop and offer sale prices for anything you would like us to order.

Highbridge Arms will be missed and a piece of San Francisco history will be lost forever.

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San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop to Close [VIDEO]