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San Francisco Gun Sales Must Now Be Video Recorded [PICS]


San Francisco brings in a more restrictive ordinance that targets legal firearms dealers and buyers.

San Francisco has just approved an ordinance that requires all gun sales to be video recorded within the city, and it is soon to go to a second vote and is expected to pass.

The proposal that was first passed unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee on Oct. 27 requires all firearms dealers to install video equipment to film all sales, indicating that the footage could then be used in future criminal investigations.

Along with this new law, gun dealers would also have to record the names of all ammunition buyers, the type of ammunition that was purchased and submit weekly reports to city police.

The last gun shop in the city, High Bridge Arms, has decided to close down not wanting to subject customers to the new requirements.

One city politician and member of the board, Mark Farrell, who proposed the ordinance, expressed his support of the store closing;

“If the last remaining gun store chooses to shut down as a result of my legislation, so be it – I would much rather see a preschool, coffee shop or other neighborhood serving business that contributes to the vitality of our City in its place,” Farrell said.

This ordinance lends more strength to San Francisco’s continuing reputation as a strict firearms city.


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San Francisco Gun Sales Must Now Be Video Recorded [PICS]