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San Diego Angler Bags 17 Pound Largemouth Bass, Sets a 2014 Record

On Monday morning, a San Diego angler caught a 17-pound largemouth bass, the biggest caught in the city so far this year.

Angler Justin Hanold bagged the 17-pound largemouth from the Miramar Reservoir, one of the best bass fisheries in the US, according to

He said the catch was an accident. Hanold was fishing near a dock and talking on his cellphone when he felt his line get stuck. Here’s his description of what happened next.

“I noticed my line was also out in deeper water at this point, so I picked up the slack and felt a little resistance. Thinking I was stuck in some grass on the bottom, I gave it a little tug with one hand to pop it free and felt it tug back. Then a second later my rod was almost ripped out of my hand. “

The 17-pound largemouth bass gave Hanold a good fight. He was nearly stunned by the experience.

“When I realized what had just happened, she jumped and that’s when my knees started to shake and all motor functions shut down,” Hanold told “I was really happy she stayed on and fit in the net.”

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This wasn’t the first monster largemouth Hanold has caught this year. Last Wednesday, he bagged a 13 pound 4 ounce largemouth bass out of the same fishery. That makes sense, considering Hanold is also a successful tournament angler and also operates his own guide service. Although, he claims the 17-pound largemouth was just “dumb luck.”

Whether or not that’s true is up for debate. What isn’t is the fact that the Miramar Reservoir yields some of the biggest largemouth bass in the US. In fact, 5 of the top 25 biggest largemouth bass ever caught were fished out of Miramar.

Have you ever caught a 17-pound largemouth bass? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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San Diego Angler Bags 17 Pound Largemouth Bass, Sets a 2014 Record