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San Antonio Development Forces Deer to Move [VIDEO]

Both people and wildlife are running out of square footage in urban areas.

Habitat loss has become a major worldwide epidemic of the 21st Century, one that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. San Antonio, Texas is the latest to encounter an issue with the deer that reside within the city limits.

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The city has experienced growth, beneficial for all but the wildlife. It’s happening all across the globe, putting more pressure on our natural resources, and condensing the populations in urban areas.

The deer herds in San Antonio have their known safe areas and traveling corridors, but as buildings go up, isolation occurs between the areas forcing these deer to look for their needs in new areas.

When this occurs, these deer begin to search for new resources, ultimately putting them in more contact with humans. Unfortunately, this will lead to more animal/vehicle collisions and likely add stress to the animals’ lives.

It’s difficult to witness our wildlife roaming within the city limits with as little fear as a domesticated deer, but that is the future we are encountering. For those concerned with overpopulation issues, you can contact your local wildlife officer.

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San Antonio Development Forces Deer to Move [VIDEO]