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Saltwater Fishing Down Under for Barra and Threadfin [VIDEO]

Saltwater fishing in an Australian creek for barramundi and threadfin salmon looks like a blast!

YouTuber Andy's Fishing recently went on a fishing expedition up a saltwater creek in Australia. Casting the banks for barramundi and threadfin salmon, Andy manages to hook into several nice sized fish. The threadfin salmon he lands is especially impressive.

Andy fishes from just before sunset until well after dark on this trip. He was casting hard-bodied lures using a Chronarch 100 bait casting reel and a Strudwick rod.

Saltwater fishing Down Under also means that you may be sharing the water with the infamous saltwater crocodiles that Australia is known for. Make sure to watch until the end of the video when Andy glimpses a baby croc.

The baby croc is a really cool sighting. They don't look very menacing at that age, but certainly are apex predators as adults.

I'm sure Andy will stick to trying to catch more barramundi and threadfin while saltwater fishing in the future.

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Saltwater Fishing Down Under for Barra and Threadfin [VIDEO]