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Salmonfly Invasion Film Captures Prime Fly Fishing During the Hatch

This short fly fishing film from Henry's Fork Anglers will get you hyped for the salmonfly invasion.

Henry's Fork Anglers opened for business in 1976 in Last Chance, Idaho along the banks of the world famous Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The romance of fly fishing drew Mike and Sheralee Lawson to build a fly fishing business and share their passion with other anglers visiting from abroad. Their staff developed a full service fly shop complete with guide services, clothing, fly tying materials, serving as a community to anglers seeking the solace of fly fishing.

It's no mistake that the salmonfly pattern is one of the top 5 Best Fly Tying Patterns to Make Now for Spring Trout. Later in the season, as spring transitions into summer, this pattern will match one of the season's quickest, yet most productive hatches. While the hatch can happen at different moments in different areas of the river, you can easily trace the phase of these flies as they tend to become easy prey for birds and fish, providing a temporary feast that they'll often get after while the getting is good.

This video captures the essence of the hatch, and the fruitful rewards of wetting a fly during one of the most productive periods of fly fishing for trout.

You can visit the Henry's Fork Anglers website to learn more about their clothing, products, and guide services, including special promotions like the Four Rivers Special tour of the Henry's Fork, South Fork, Madison and Teton Rivers and lodging at Elk Creek Ranch.

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Salmonfly Invasion Film Captures Prime Fly Fishing During the Hatch