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California Salmon Snaggers Busted with Hidden Camera

These blatant salmon snaggers were all busted on camera.

This hidden camera records some very carefree salmon snaggers illegally landing fish after fish. An alert (and clearly passionate) angler caught these poachers in the act and promptly reported them.

Watch this video and see how these salmon snaggers were busted by alert anglers.

WARNING: Strong language used in the video.

These poachers were caught on camera on Nimbus Basin in Sacramento, California. The blatant disregard for the laws and the fisheries is just sickening. With 13 illegally-snagged salmon, it was time for the law to bust these poachers.

When poachers illegally harvest game, they steal from all of us law abiding sportsmen and sportswomen. If you see something illegal when afield or on the water, call the proper authorities.


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California Salmon Snaggers Busted with Hidden Camera