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Salient Arms Relocates to Nevada, Launches New Guns

Salient Arms breaks from their California-based plant, and launches an all new factory, rifle, and pistol.

Salient Arms is a premier accessory company. They used to take Glock pistols and push the limits on upgrades in what would be considered acceptable for a high-end fighting pistol. Most of their pistols after upgrades would retail in the area of fifteen hundred to $2,000.

That would naturally come with many aesthetic upgrades along with optics and upgraded internals. Salient said they had to move to a different state due to the political climate that was likely not helping them with their retail space in California. Nevada has welcomed the company and Salient believes they will not have much interference with politics. Salient can strictly focus their efforts on building firearms.

Often times people have wondered if Salient was worth their premium prices. The problem is that a lot of the people don't realize that Salient's pistols were not intended for recreational purposes, even though they can be used for such. They were designed to be working pistols. Often times, the pistols were designed for the owner who has a specific application for which they need a pistol to have specific features that Salient offered. There are other Glock customizers that perform similar types of upgrades, but in the end these pistols are designed to work.

Salient released a new pistol and rifle post-SHOT 2016. The GRY rifle and the Blue pistol will be released at the beginning quarter of 2016. The GRY rifle will be offered in 5.56 and 300blk cartridges. The GRY rifle retails at about a $3200. While this may not be for the average consumer, it will feature items that are strictly designed for specific operating units. While not everyone needs a tritium nitride bolt carrier group, and not everyone may need a quick detach muzzle break, it is featured for those consumers looking for those features already integrated.

The Blue pistol will have some features that MAC pointed out. Slide dimensions similar to the Glock 17, and pistol frame features similar to the Glock 19. Both very popular pistols in their own rights, now have some hybrid that will compete with them in the polymer pistol space. Of course Salient will offer their custom slide cuts and RMR optics line, but the pistol will be very similar to the Glock pistol.

I can't wait to see what other special weapons that Salient decides to come out with. I know they have an extended waiting period for those customers who have had orders with them already. Their customer demand is definitely there. Salient should be able to catch up soon with the new factory they have running in Nevada. As always, quality work should never be rushed.


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Salient Arms Relocates to Nevada, Launches New Guns