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Amazing Sailfish Footage Caught by a Kayak Angler [VIDEO]

This sailfish footage caught by a kayak angler shows two huge specimens, one that actually bumps the kayak.

Jasper Pons is a fisherman using YouTube to share some pretty excellent kayak angling off Westbrook Beach in South Africa, including this recent upload showing him hooking two sailfish, and having one jump inches from his leg. He handed one off to a buddy and reeled in the other, releasing it shortly after completing the respectable task.

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Pons mentioned in the video comments what he used to attract the monster fish. From his YouTube page:

“… I keep it simple, I use Talavera rods and Shimano TLD 20/40 reels. One reel has normal mono backing, and one reel had braid as a backing (fortunately the one I had to freespool because it went through the rudder). I use about 20m of maxima green 20kg leader. I use 4x-Strong VMC hooks, size 4.”

Watch the footage here:

Incredible stuff, and just one more great addition to the growing collection of saltwater kayak angling from unique, first-hand perspectives floating around the Internet. We’re always happy to share them, we love them and just can’t seem to get enough.

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Amazing Sailfish Footage Caught by a Kayak Angler [VIDEO]