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“Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones in America” Airs This Wednesday

Gun-free zones are meant to keep people safe—but are they working?

“Safe Haven” is a documentary looking to answer that question. This thought provoking piece originally aired on the Outdoor Channel in April, but is being re-aired this Wednesday at 9:00 p.m Eastern.

The show is hosted by Katie Pavlich, a Townhall news director, FOX news contributor, and New York Times bestselling author.

The documentary focuses on mass shootings and assaults that have taken place in gun-free zones, and whether or not they could have been prevented or stopped earlier if citizens carrying concealed weapons or armed guards had been present.

The show is far different from the cross table bickering you see on cable news channels when gun control is the issue at hand. Both sides are represented, respected, and clearly voiced by intelligent academic professors, law enforcement professionals, and members of the community who feel strongly on the issue (including victims of shootings in gun-free zones.)

The bottom line is that gun-free zones were established to keep people safe and they may be having the opposite effect. Jeanne Assam, a church security guard who stopped an active shooter with her firearm, summed it up best when she said that she was able to stop the attack because, “I was trained, I was armed, and I was present.” When law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry weapons, the bad guys have the upper hand.

Tune in to the Outdoor Channel Wednesday at 9:00 to see the full story.

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“Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones in America” Airs This Wednesday