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Safari Guide Gets Angry and Leaves Tourists in the Bush [VIDEO]

This safari guide had all he could stand and walked away from the tourists he was guiding.

While leading a group of tourists through the South African bush, this safari guide spots some lion tracks.

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He tells the tourists to be very quiet and stay close together — most of them do. One older German gentleman decides it is a good idea to run towards the bush where the growling is coming from and start snapping pictures. When the guide tells him to rejoin the group and be quiet, he hollers and starts moving towards the bush again.

At this point, the video stops, but starts again with the infuriated guide telling the group off and saying, “They are going to bring a Jeep for you. Stay here.”

Watch the video to see what made this safari guide so mad and his hilarious tantrum.

Apparently this tourist didn’t know how dangerous African animals can be. I haven’t seen any further report, so I’m assuming the group made it back to camp safely, but I wouldn’t want to have been that German guy at the dinner table that night.



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Safari Guide Gets Angry and Leaves Tourists in the Bush [VIDEO]