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Saab’s Soft Armour is Incredibly Tough [VIDEO]


Stopping bullets in active warzones is just as important as being able to fire them and Soft Armour from Saab is the most efficient bullet stopper out there.

Saab’s Soft Armour is an innovative leap forward in bulletproof armor technology. It is capable of stopping .50 caliber rounds at 100 meters without any hiccups.

Soft Armour is durable, strong, and perhaps most interestingly, it is modular.

It can be easily added onto existing structures as well as being rapidly deployed for missions such as VIP protection.

According to the Soft Armour website,

The Modular Soft Armour protection system has several areas of use. It can be integrated with any type of structure and can be fitted onto existing structures or vehicles requiring additional protection. The system can also be used as a stand-alone. The modularity of the system is granted by using panels that are easily joined together with standard tools; ceramic filling is added after construction of the panel boxes.

After proving it can survive over 500 rounds of close-range fire in the video above, Saab really seems to have developed a great product to help protect the brave men and women serving overseas.

Hopefully, Soft Armour will start to be used with more frequency and start saving more lives.

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Saab’s Soft Armour is Incredibly Tough [VIDEO]