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Rutting Elk Nearly Runs Over Hunter

It’s best to just not get in the way of a rutting elk. 

Chasing after rutting elk during archery season just might be one of the best hunting experiences any hunter could ever ask for.

In this recent video, you will see exactly why that is. Just like with all archery hunting, the animal has to get up close and personal before the shot can be taken. Sometimes, maybe it’s a little too close.

What you are about to see is an encounter very few hunters can say they have had. A rutting elk almost runs over a hunter with a video camera, only to be noticed at the last moment.

You can sense the surprise from the elk almost as much as you can empathize with the shaky knees and pounding heart of the hunter.

Yep, that is exactly what a close call with an elk looks like.

If that were me, it would have been hard not to let an arrow fly, but maybe that hunter had his sights set on a bigger one.

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Rutting Elk Nearly Runs Over Hunter