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This Rutting Buck Took a Trip Through an Ohio Mall

Rutting bucks do funny things. This Ohio buck took a trip through a local mall.

On November 4, this rutting Ohio buck crashed through the window of a restaurant, took a quick look around, then broke through another window into the adjoining mall.

Watch the video to see the wild-eyed rutting buck in action and to learn how the episode came to a close.

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Rutting bucks are known to do some crazy things in their hormone-fueled search for receptive does. But heading into a mall? That’s a new one for me.

The only thing I can figure is that this buck had plans to impress his favorite doe. First, he stopped into a restaurant to make reservations for the following night, then he hit the mall’s jewelry store to pick up a little something for the apple of his eye.

Well, maybe not…

On a serious note, rutting bucks are on the move and deer/vehicle collisions are at their annual high. Be careful while driving (or walking through the mall.)

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This Rutting Buck Took a Trip Through an Ohio Mall