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Russian Tank + Jet Engines = Ultimate Firefighting Machine [VIDEO]


Mount a couple jet engines on an old Russian tank and you'll have one badass firefighting machine on your hands.

Hungarian engineers recently did the unthinkable and created a prototype firefighting machine known as Big Wind. The engineers used a Russian T1 tank and the jet engines from a MiG-21 fighter jet to bring their creation to life.

Water is injected into the jet stream of the engines via a hose enabling Big Wind to put out even the most stubborn of oil fires as shown in the video below.

Big Wind looks like it has a lot of potential as a great tool for firefighters. With the power it displayed in the video, I could easily see some form of Big Wind being useful to extinguish wildfires that ignite every year. These fires are some of the most challenging for firefighters to fight, but Big Wind could help tip the scales in their favor.

The all-terrain capabilities of a tank combined with the power of jet engines would allow Big Wind to get into the rough areas where wildfires rage. One of the biggest limitations that I can see is giving Big Wind access to a water source while in remote areas. Some form of tank system would have to be added to make it truly formidable.

Nonetheless, this thing is prime to catch on. It's like blowing out the birthday candles, on a much bigger scale.

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Russian Tank + Jet Engines = Ultimate Firefighting Machine [VIDEO]