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Russian School Kids Break Down and Reassemble AK-47s Like Speed Demons [VIDEO]

While American school children are getting suspended for making gun shapes with Pop-Tarts or their fingers, Russian kids handle firearms like champions.

Watch and be amazed at the speed, precision and adeptness with which these Russian ninth graders handle an AK-47.

Ten highschool-age boys and girls race a stopwatch as they alternately break down and reassemble an AK-47. They do five times - five complete breakdown and reassembly sequences - in under four minutes!

There are several videos on the Internet similar to this one. A typical sentiment expressed in the comments sections of such videos goes something like this:

"America's school children learn how dodgeball might be hurtful to someone's feelings and how to put a condom on a cucumber, while Russian school kids learn about practical mechanical skills and how to handle a firearm. We're in trouble."

That may be an overly-theatrical statement, but it's hard to not make such an admittedly assumptive and simplistic comparison like that after seeing a video like this.

Many Americans, no doubt, wish our country's kids were learning practical skills like this.

Well, if you've got children you can always teach them on your own. But then, how many adults even know how to break down and reassemble their firearms?

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Russian School Kids Break Down and Reassemble AK-47s Like Speed Demons [VIDEO]