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Playing Russian Roulette, Would You Survive? The Watermelon Did Not!

russian roulette

This game of roulette in slow motion is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Spoiler alert… in real life, it wouldn’t have ended well.

Russian Roulette is one of those things that is more frightening than words can explain. And as you watch Andrew from GY6 Vids test the probability of a shot detonating on his Smith and Wesson 500. You’ll cringe at the thought of doing this to your actual head.

Now of course, gun safety and well-being are nothing to take lightly or joke about. This is simply a test to see how the probability would play out in a real life situation. What better way to test that than on some good ole juicy watermelons.

The suspense of each trigger pull is enough to give you anxiety. How many shots do you think will go off in 10 tries?

Andrew’s reaction each time he pulls the trigger is priceless and fitting. Squeezing the trigger of a Smith and Wesson 500, not knowing whether it will fire or not, is a job in itself.

Safe to say after that test, Russian Roulette in real life under these circumstances would have ended very badly for whoever was doing it.

If you learn anything, it is don’t play roulette with a gun. And if you didn’t learn anything…well we hoped you enjoyed seeing watermelons blow to smithereens in slow motion.

Because we sure did.

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Playing Russian Roulette, Would You Survive? The Watermelon Did Not!