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Russian Foxes as Seen by Amateur with a Camera

Moscow Times

You won’t believe the pictures of these Russian foxes.

Ivan Kislov, a mining engineer, spends his time off lost somewhere in the remote regions of Chukotka, taking photos of the beautiful Russian foxes that call that area home.

Kislov, an amateur Russian photographer, has captured these 10 moments from the lives of these foxes that have to be seen to believe.

All photo’s courtesy of the original article from the Moscow Times.

1. You can almost feel the cold.


 2. Looks like this one has her hands full.


 3. My wife literally cried when she saw the picture of this little fox.


4. Every now and then we all need a good stretch.



5. And sometimes a good yawn.



6. Some play time is good for the soul.



7. This picture just blows me away.


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8. Looks like someone is ready for a nap.



9. Everyone needs a best friend.



10. “Fox smiles make me smile.” I think that is pretty accurate, don’t you?


I like to tell myself that I am a wildlife photographer when I can screw up and take some good pictures of deer, fish, or birds. Hopefully one day I can be as good as Mr. Kislev is with these amazing fox shots.

Good job, Sir.

Did you know that they are domesticating foxes in Siberia?

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Russian Foxes as Seen by Amateur with a Camera