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Russian Genius Invents a Bait Rocket Launcher…It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

A Russian fisherman has invented a clever way to cast bait rockets far distances.

Bait rockets are typically floating cylindrical tubes that drop ground bait to attract fish like carp. They usually require a large fishing rod, and they can be hard to cast far distances.

The bait rocket in this video is literally a bait rocket.

Whoever the Russian engineering whiz in this video is, it seems he’s come up with a clever solution to the bait rocket distance problem.

His device appears to be a mortar that can launch a bait rocket a few hundred yards while it’s attached to fishing line.

Or, it could be a device that he’s using to cast his lure farther out into the sea. It’s hard to tell. It could be both. Either way, it’s genius.

Warning: this video contains mild profanity.

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What do you think about this invention? Would you use one? 

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Russian Genius Invents a Bait Rocket Launcher…It’s Awesome [VIDEO]